Having spent a formidable proportion of my life writing and fixing computer software, mostly for IBM in Portsmouth, it is only right that I at least list my recent programming eforts :  A web site of some 1,100+ pages that acts as a reference for the Delphi programming language. I set it up in 2002 in part as an exercise in web site usability design. It has, fortuitously stood the test of time, and earns me a small regular income  I travelled to all the pubs in Cardiff, South Wales (twice), building this site and a printed fold-out A3 map that gave a simpel route to all of them. An idea that put me somewhat out of pocket, but an interesting venture.  A much more recent venture. Having photographed Wedding professionally for 4 years, it was about time that I assembled all my images of Cardiff in one place. A work in progress ...  The Chinese game of Go is a vital, integral part of my life, even though I am not that good at it. I was tired of the Flash based game viewers so I wrote my own Go game viewing software in Javascript and HTM 5 canvas. technology aside, it made the presentation of commented games a much richer affair. I started writing two detailed game reviews on this site starting in July 2010. 9 months later, I still keep writing, growing a steady but modest audience.  A platform for fighting against political destruction of the education system.  My blog on life. Somewhat quirky, but insightful I feel.