Judy Garland, 1987
I tried for the lightest, softest skin tones that I could achieve, but used a 1B pencil, when I should have used at least a 1H.

Ingrid Bergman, 2001
This drawing of Ingrid has been used on the side of carrier bags in a shop in the part of Sweden Bergman used to holiday. The owners told me that Ingrid's daughter visited the shop and liked the image.

The Queen Mother at 7, 1999
One of my favourites. It was used by the BBC Wales on a TV programme about royalty.

Marilyn Monroe, 1986
One of the least famous images, and drawn small scale, so I was pleased with the impression I caught.

Meryl Streep, 1987
A commission for a Streep-obsessed co-worker at IBM in Portsmouth. I was very pleased with the tactile nature of the hat, but displeased with the face shape. Didn't get it right.

Lauren Bacall, 1994
A smouldering style for a smouldering actress.

Mother of TV Producer, 1995
A commission for a channel 4 producer who gave me a tatty plate as a thanks. Of course, the plate may have been valuable - it just looked otherwise.

AA bicycle man, 2001
The head is meant to be enlarged. Double sized in fact - just so that I could see the effect on the overall drawing.

Angel, 2001
Drawn for a friend of a neighbour obsessed with this TV character.

Bryan of Westlife, 2001
Another drawing requested by a neighbour. I was pleased with the way the cross descended below the figure.

Humphrey Bogart, 1985
You can see the thick 2B pencil strokes, but with so much paper to cover in black, I find this unavoidable.

Humphrey Bogart again, 2009
I felt compelled to draw him again. Not the sort of thing I normally do you see. But I left his face too pale I feel.

Girl at a Wedding, 2009
The second of my drawings from a photograph I had taken. This time, the subject was a page girl at a Wedding I was photographing. I just loved that smile.

An old man, 2002
Taken from an image in an edition of New Scientist magazine, I was very pleased with the arm - to combine musculature and hair was tricky!

Jordan, 2001
My first double commission. I took the photo from which I made the drawing. I was so pleased with the embellishment to his hair.

Hannah, 2002
I was so enormously pleased by this drawing - not the overall image but the lips and teeth, often awkward to capture believably.

Baby, 2006
The grandmother who commissioned me to draw this baby from a photo said that it looked more like the baby than the photo did.

A street in Lyon, 1997
This was tortuously long and tedious to draw. The hardest part? The lack of pencil where the lights shine.

Self portrait in a trophy, 1976
I drew this still life of a trophy to prove to myself that I could still draw. I have always lacked confidence in my ability.

Abstract image 1, 1979
A creative diversion.

Abstract image 2, 1981
Further experiments.

Abstract tree, 1978
You can see here an obsession with gradations of tine. The best pencil drawing I ever saw was of leaves by Alphonse Mucha in Prague. My favourite artist. A genius with curves.

Teachers Whiskey Advert, 1972
You can see the grid of lines I used (and sometimes still do) to get the overall shape of a drawing right. I simply did not erase as I worked. I was 15.

Main in a turban, 1972
Another early drawing, aged 15.


X-Men character Forge, 2001
I am enormously proud of this painting, as I started teaching myself colour mixing. I was 44 years old when I learn how to paint!

The seven dwarfs, 2002
I venture into painting, having struggled enormously at school. This took ages...

Futurama, 2002
A fun image from a fun TV series.

Orange abstract, 2002
I tried to prove that I could paint in gradations just as I could with pencil.

White bird, 2002
An attempt at original painting - an Achilles heal for myself.