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Highly recommended books
How school actually suppresses curiosity
Creating a Government e-petition
Politics is failing our nation
A simple placebo theory
Capitalism is failing the people
Survival of the fittest?
The trouble with rules
Environment is a universal force
Capitalist mantra of endless growth
Wealth can degrade quality of life
Tax is such a bad choice of word
Neoliberalism : laissez-faire free markets
Degrees of monopoly
Regulation can curb dishonesty
Technological innovations
Increasing inequality decreases happiness
Labour force exploitation
Customer deception
Quality compromised by pursuit of profit
The stifling of creative thinking
Teaching numeracy to the very young
How Children Learn
The enormously under-rated value of play
Optimal child education
Cheating in schools
Education excellence in Finland
Forced passivity
Sleep is vital for school performance
Conditioned into narrow thinking
The many shortcomings of tests
Purpose, autonomy and mastery
Attention Deficit Disorder
Fear in the classroom
The problem with school
Teacher presumptions
The questionable value of qualifications
The best game in the world
Panic attacks are badly named
The colours we see are not really there
When help can have a detrimental effect
The illusion of conscious choice
The happy Danes
Humans cooperate as much as compete
Confusing correlation with cause
The power of acceptance
Changing behaviours and beliefs
Arresting forces
Polarisation of status, views and health
Handling criticism and confrontation
Being yourself
On paedophiles
The dis-coordinated brain
Our preconceptions about work
Alcohol and abstinence are both nice
The thinking horizon
A three pronged strategy?
God, interference and free will
Occam and his razor
Questioning football conventions
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